TSMC is preparing to manufacture 5nm chips for iPhone 12

Apple’s chipmaker prepares for mass production of 5nm chips for iPhone 12

he COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic could continue uninterrupted, but Apple manufacturers are returning to work.

According to two new reports, Apple manufacturers Compal Electronics and Wistron have joined Foxconn to plan to restore production levels by the end of March . Both reports come from DigiTimes.

The first report says TSMC is poised to ” kick off ” the mass production of chips built using 5nm process technology in April. These chips will be used in Apple’s iPhone 12 .

The second report focuses on Compal Electronics and Wistron. Compal, the world’s second-largest laptop maker, produces MacBooks for Apple. Wistron also builds laptops, along with other devices, including iPhones. Both companies are on Apple’s list of current vendors.

The report notes that both Compal and Wistron continue to record the recovery of production capacity in China. More and more employees are returning to work for the companies and the latter think they can reach “the usual level of production by the end of March “. Currently, most of the factories of original design manufacturers (ODM) that build laptops in China have a production capacity of around 60% .

Both Compal and Wistron shipped less than the normal number of laptops in February, also recording reduced revenues. Both are likely to recover in March.

However, both Compal and Wistron are ” concerned about the scarce supply of components “. This is because, as they are returning to normal production levels, they are relying on component manufacturers who continue to have less than 50% capacity recorded.

The impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus is already hitting Apple. IPhone 5G production may be delayed due to the effects of the epidemic. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 9 has also been delayed indefinitely. Current iPhone models are also affected, as the company has informed Apple Store staff that the supply of some replacement iPhones, but also individual parts,  may be limited for the next two or four weeks .

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