With iOS 14 we will be able to import third party wallpapers collections, accessibility improvements and more

Discovered other iOS 14 functions, the most interesting are the Wallpapers that will have a new classification and the ability to import entire collections from third parties

Many discoveries have been made on iOS 14 thanks to the 9to5mac guys who came into possession of an alpha version and who proceeded to “unpack” and analyze well. First of all, traces of new hardware devices have been found such as iPhone 9, new iPad Pro, new Apple TV remote control, AirTag and new over-ear AirPods.

We will also have many news from the software point of view. We have already seen some of them as:

  • New option that will allow us to display the HomeScreen with all the application icons in a new list view with lots of Siri suggestions
  • A new fitness application on both iOS 14 and developed specifically for Apple TV
  • OCR that will digitally convert all text written with Apple Pencil
  • Lots of news for iMessage , including mentions, the possibility to delete sent messages and more
  • Three updates for HomeKit  that include facial recognition, Apple TV audio and Night Shift
  • Blood oxygen monitoring via Apple Watch

Other new iOS 14 features

In addition to those listed above, and covered in specific articles that we invite you to read, we will have other news:

Accessibility improvements

A new function will be able to automatically recognize important sounds such as an alarm, sirens, the sound of a bell or that of the knuckles of the hand when “knocking” on a door. iOS will interpret these sounds and reproduce them more strongly within AirPods and EarPods, helping people with hearing disorders to extricate themselves between the various needs. Support will also be added to the front camera to recognize hand gestures.

Changes for backgrounds

Wallpapers on iOS 13 are divided into Dynamic, Static and Live. If we enter Static, we will display all the available wallpapers in one place. With iOS 14 instead, the Wallpapers will be divided into categories such as “Earth and Moon”, “Flowers” and so on, offering a better organization.

A nice novelty will concern the possibility of offering Collections of Wallpapers to be integrated directly into the iOS settings. Practically with a single download you will download a complete package of Wallpapers of the same type. 


Apple has been promoting its Shot on iPhone campaigns for quite some time. There are also Contest Shot on iPhone where Apple allows users to send their images and then select the winning ones. With iOS 14, a #shotoniphone section will be created within the Photos application where users can quickly send their images to Apple and view the challenge results within the app. It is possible that this thing evolves into a sort of “Instagram” integrated in iOS where you can upload your own photos and view the others, taken exclusively with iPhone. The idea is not bad at all.

Another change will concern Apple Pay which will support AliPay.

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