The iOS 14 code reveals that Kids mode will arrive on watchOS 7

watchOS 7 will include a Kids Mode aimed at those who have an Apple Watch for activity tracking purposes, with parents able to control and manage their children’s devices.

Earlier this month we told you that iOS 14 and watchOS 7 will include a new SchoolTime mode and Kids mode. The latter feature includes the ability for a parent to configure and manage an Apple Watch for a child with just one iPhone.

Each Apple Watch account is currently linked to the individual Apple ID of an iPhone. This new model will allow a parent to manage their child’s Apple Watch from the parent’s iPhone and the child will not be required to own an iPhone to use the Apple Watch.

But how will activity monitoring work?

Apple Watch is optimized for monitoring adult health and fitness. Some health functions such as ECG are even subject to age limits because they cannot produce accurate data with children. Apple, of course, is reflecting on how activity tracking will work for younger users.

When an Apple Watch is configured in the new child mode, Apple will treat activity rings differently. Activity rings are currently composed of three metrics:

  • Movement Ring: in this ring, the active calories are detected, those that we normally burn while for example climbing the stairs.
  • Exercise Ring: shows us how many minutes of intense activity we have accumulated in the day.
  • Standing Ring: Apple Watch detects how long we spend on our feet and encourages us to get up more often throughout the day. To close this ring we just have to get up and move, for at least one minute, in 12 different hours of the day.

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