iPhone 12 Pro will have a smaller Notch. Here’s what the Widgets will look like on the iOS 14 Home!

Great news leak today that reveals interesting news that we will get with iPhone 12 and iOS 14. The Notch will be made smaller, iOS 14 instead will have Widgets in Home, placed between the icons

It is the same Twitter account @choco_bit that a few days ago revealed the design of the main camera of the iPhone 12 including LiDAR scanner to publish a new image that reveals practically the most important things that were still outstanding related to the iPhone 12 and iOS 14 .

4 new iPhones later this year (+ SE model coming soon)

We will have 4 new iPhones this year, in addition to the SE 2020 model which is expected to be released shortly. These will include the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Only the two “Pros” will have the LiDAR 3D scanner.

Smaller notch

Both models of the iPhone 12 Pro will have a smaller Notch , i.e. a less wide upper cleat, which will leave more space for the screen.

iOS 14 with Widgets on the Home screen

This too had already been mentioned. iOS 14 will bring for the first time a substantial modification of the Home Screen which remained unchanged with the grid icons practically since 2007 with the very first iPhone. Widgets will be introduced on the Home screen . The manual image now clearly shows what it will be like.

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