Microsoft is previewing the Family Safety app for iOS users

Microsoft launches the new app that includes features such as monitoring device usage, recording the content displayed and sharing your location.

Microsoft announced today that its Microsoft  Family Safety app is available as a preview for iOS users who sign up to use the feature.

Microsoft Family Safety includes features such as the use of monitoring devices , the egistration of the display content and location-sharing , all that Microsoft says is designed to allow parents to talk to children about the device usage habits.

Find the right balance for your family. Give your children independence to learn and explore, by establishing boundaries that help them make good choices. In addition, with Microsoft Family Safety, family members can manage their data and information and with whom they are shared. We work 24/7 to protect your information and will not sell your data.

An activity reporting feature provides details on how to spend time online , usage tracking , websites visited and terms searched . Summaries are sent weekly via email.

Screen time limits limit the amount of time children can spend using Windows, Xbox devices, and Android smartphones. However, these limits don’t work on iOS and parents will need to use Apple’s built-in Screen Time features for iPhone and iPad.

Content controls allow parents to create web and search filters to block adult content and limit browsing to child-friendly websites when using Microsoft Edge.

Location-sharing features allow parents to see their children’s location, as well as identify the locations they visit most like home, work and school.

Microsoft allows a limited number of iOS users to enroll in Microsoft Family Sharing and is ideal for those who also use Microsoft devices. To participate, iOS users will need to make sure they set up a family group on the Microsoft family website and then register.

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