An iPhone, an ultrasound device and an AR app allow you to take the COVID-19 exam at home

A new tool, connected to the iPhone through an app, will allow doctors to perform a COVID-19 exam remotely.

An iPhone , an ultrasound device, and an AR app could allow a home COVID-19 test that allows a doctor to remotely diagnose positivity . So far the FDA has authorized it to monitor the condition of existing COVID-19 patients.

Note that, the person that the ultrasound device must not have any medical training, indeed, can also be done by the patient himself.

As reported by  Engadget , historically, ultrasound machines have been cumbersome and required medical professionals to make the diagnosis. Butterfly iQ , a completely portable system that connects to an iOS device, can help doctors diagnose COVID-19 remotely .

The beauty of Butterfly’s approach to telemedicine is that it is not necessary to know ultrasound systems to use it . If a patient has one to use, they can connect the iQ to their iPhones and be guided by a professional during the process, complete with signals on the screen to help them orient the probe correctly.

The bad news is that Butterfly iQ costs $ 2,000 , but these devices can be of great help to the most remote patients, where a device can be shipped more easily than a doctor.

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