Instagram adds support for Messenger Rooms, here’s how it works

“We have created Rooms with the utmost confidentiality and security so that you can feel comfortable connecting with your friends, family and communities. We do not view or listen to your calls and the person who creates the room controls who can participate.”

Instagram is the latest of Facebook’s services to get support for its new group video chat feature, Messenger Rooms

Facebook announced and launched Messenger Rooms as a group Zoom and FaceTime competitor to a small group of users in April.

Part of the plan was to bring Messenger Rooms to Instagram and WhatsApp and now the popular social network has gained support for the new feature.

Technically, the new feature only allows us to start the call via Instagram and then we will be moved to Messenger to make the video call.

How to start Instagram group video chat with Messenger Rooms:

  • In Instagram, we go to Direct
  • Touch the video icon in the upper right corner (to the left of the new DM icon)
  • Select Create a room, then tap Create room as …
  • We select up to 49 friends and then click on Send
  • Now we press on Join the Room to enter the video chat we created (this will take us out of Instagram)

Instagram notes that we can block a Room if we want to choose who can participate.

As mentioned above, Messenger Rooms group video chats are not encrypted like calls made with Group FaceTime and WhatsApp.

For the moment, WhatsApp offers video calls for up to eight participants , but soon Facebook will integrate Messenger Rooms also on the popular instant messaging service.

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