The YouTube Kids app is available on Apple TV

Google has brought the YouTube app dedicated to children to Apple TV, offering a child-friendly interface for searching curated content.

YouTube Kids is the child-friendly version of YouTube that adds quite powerful parental controls to help children find specific types of content. Starting today, YouTube Kids is finally available for download on Apple TV.

In a short post , Google announces that the YouTube Kids app has finally made its Apple TV debut after being previously launched on Android TV and selecting smart TVs. The app can be used with or without a Google account and is available in Italy in the United Kingdom and in many other countries in the world. YouTube specifies availability on a support page .

YouTube Kids uses a combination of automatic filters, human review and parental feedback to provide a safer environment for children who watch videos. The parental controls offer further customization, from allowing viewing of only the collections approved by the parents and age-level assessments, screen time limits and blocking of videos / channels.

The YouTube Kids app for Apple TV only works on certain devices, the fourth and fifth generation 4K versions of Apple TV . The app also works with the Siri remote control with the command “Hey Siri, open YouTube Kids “.

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