New photos and video leaks of the next Loop leather straps for Apple Watch

Apple is working on a redesigned version of the leather Loop straps that could be launched next month or in the fall along with the new Apple Watch Series 6 models.

The images of a new version of the Loop in Pell strap and which Apple seems to have in development have emerged yesterday and today the Vietnamese site shared additional photos and videos that give us a clearer picture of what to expect from the new band .

the straps are available in red, dark pink, blue, black and brown, with some bands having different color accents on the side. The design features a more distinct crest that does not extend to the edge of the band and features the wording ” Natural Leather ” found on the original leather Loop strap.

The current version of the leather Loop straps has a ring-shaped closure similar to the Sport Loop, while the new model magnetically attaches to the wrist . The bands shown by are all 44mm, but the images shared yesterday suggest that there may also be a 40mm version in the pipeline. The current version is limited to larger watches.

The bands seem to have waterproofing properties that make them suitable for a wider range of activities than the current Loop leather straps and also have a more sporty and casual appearance.

There is a possibility that Apple will sell these bands along with existing options as a new type of band, but given the similarities between the designs, the new straps could replace the current line.

It is not known when these new bands could be launched, but given that they seem to be ready, Apple could present them during WWDC.

lternatively, Apple could launch the new bands along with the Apple Watch Series 6 models in the fall.

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