New iMac with thin bezels, T2 chips and more is coming? | Rumor

Apple may be in the process of updating the iMac design after more than eight years. According to leaker Sonny Dickson , a new iMac will be unveiled during WWDC 2020.

The new machine would feature thin bezels , similar to those found on the  Pro Display XDR, SSD , new processors and Apple T2 chips never used on an iMac. 

For a long time now, several users have been expecting a redesign of the iMac design. The last time Apple updated the machine’s design was in 2012, with a new case much thinner than what we found on previous models. But this design feature can only be viewed from the side, as the display has remained unchanged for a decade .

Now it seems that the time has finally come for the iMac to adopt modern Apple hardware design.

Dickson also suggests that the iMac will also see significant internal changes . This includes AMD’s new Navi GPUs , the abandonment of hard drives in favor of SSDs, and Apple’s T2 chip.

The T2 chip allows for super-fast read / write speeds , as well as numerous security benefits.

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