App Store generated over $ 500 billion in revenue in 2019

An independent economic study found that the App Store generated $ 519 billion in 2019.

In a new post on its Newsroom website , Apple says the App Store ecosystem produced  $ 519 billion  globally in 2019 alone. This data is based on a study by independent economists at the analysis team. .

This announcement precedes WWDC 2020, during which Apple generally promotes the financial impact that the App Store has had on developers around the world.

Apple explains that one of the biggest revelations in this study is that the direct payments that developers receive from Apple via the App Store “are only a fraction of the vast total.” Apple says:

The study reveals that direct payments made to developers by Apple are only a part of the vast total when sales are calculated from other sources, such as physical goods and services. Since Apple only receives a commission from billing associated with digital goods and services, more than 85 percent of the $ 519 billion total is intended exclusively for developers and third-party companies of all sizes.

The study found that of the 519 billion produced by the App Store ecosystem, physical goods and services accounted for the largest share, amounting to 413 billion dollars.

Other important data points:

  • Travel apps, including Expedia and United, grossed $ 57 billion
  • Transportation service apps, including Uber and Lyft, included $ 40 billion in sales
  • Food delivery apps, including DoorDash and Grubhub, grossed $ 31 billion
  • Billing and sales of digital goods and services amounted to $ 61 billion, and this category included apps for streaming music and videos, fitness, education, ebooks and audiobooks, news and magazines, and dating services, among others.
  • Games were the most downloaded type of app in 2019
  • In-app advertising sales accounted for 45 billion, 44% came from games.

In the press release, Apple CEO Tim Cook explains that the App Store offers “lasting opportunities for entrepreneurship” even in “difficult and uncertain times ” like today:

“The App Store is a place where innovators and dreamers can bring their ideas to life and users can find safe and reliable tools to improve their lives,” said Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

“In a difficult and unstable time, the App Store offers lasting opportunities for entrepreneurship, health and well-being, education and job creation, helping people adapt quickly to a changing world. We are committed to doing even more to support and feed the global App Store community – from stores with a developer in nearly all countries to companies that employ thousands of workers – as it continues to promote innovation, create jobs and to push economic growth for the future. “

Finally, Apple claims that the App Store now hosts nearly 2 million apps and is visited by half a billion people every week around the world.

“It helps creators, dreamers and students of all ages and backgrounds to connect with the tools and information they need to build a brighter future and a better world,” concludes Apple.

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