iOS 13.6 reveals how CarKey will work

The privacy screens of iOS 13.6 beta reveal a lot of information about “CarKey”, the new Apple feature that could be released together with iOS 13.6.

We have told you a lot about the upcoming Apple ” CarKey ” feature and the latest version of iOS 13.6 beta gives us further confirmation that the feature is imminent.

On iOS 13.6, if we go to Wallet’s privacy information, Apple details several paragraphs on adding a car key to the app, a feature that the company has not yet officially announced. The discovery was first spotted by the iPhone Ticker .

Since the copy was updated in version 13.6 but not in previous versions, it suggests that Apple may have plans to launch CarKey together with iOS 13.6 , rather than waiting for iOS 14. The company could very well announce CarKey during the WWDC scheduled next week .

As detailed by Apple, the Wallet app will soon allow us to add the virtual machine keys compatible with ” certain vehicles “.

A user will add a car key by logging into a supported manufacturer’s app and following the steps to add it. There will also be a way to directly add a car key using a pairing code screen within the Wallet app.

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