Apple will notify developers when customers request a refund

With iOS 14, Apple will notify developers when a user requests a refund for an app purchase.

Apple is introducing a new in-app purchase server notification system that allows developers to know when a customer requests and receives a refund for an in-app purchase, allowing the developer to take appropriate action, such as revoking the purchased item.

Developers are not involved in Apple’s refund process, which is run by the company . Before then, when a user applied for and received a refund for an in-app purchase, developers were not informed of this action, leading to situations where customers were getting a refund for a purchase but still continued to use the app.

It also caused problems with customer support as there was no clear communication between Apple and the developer regarding in-app purchases.

In iOS 14 , when a customer receives a refund for an in-app purchase, developers will receive a notification  and updated receipts with canceled transactions. From there, the developer can notify the customer of the refund and take appropriate steps to remove the content.

Apple says these changes will give developers greater control over customer interactions, making the whole process fairer for everyone and protecting the app’s economy. Apple believes the notification system will also clarify to users who have used the refunds that there are repercussions on the refunds and that the items cannot be kept .

Apple’s refund notification system is active for developers starting today, and more details are available in the Apple “ What’s New with In-App Purchases ” session available on the Apple Developer website.

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