iOS 14 Clip App: what they are and how to use them

With iOS 14, Apple introduced App Clip, a new feature that will allow users to quickly preview “small parts” of apps without downloading them.

During the WWDC20 keynote, Apple announced App Clip , a new feature that will arrive on  iOS 14 . App clips allow users to quickly preview ” small parts ” of apps without downloading them.

What is a Clip App?

An App Clip is a small part of an app focused on a specific activity and designed to appear as soon as we need it, such as ordering a coffee or renting a scooter.

The app clips are small – less than 10 MB – they start in a few seconds at the bottom of our iPhone and remove the need to find the correct app on the device or download it from the App Store.

How will the Clip Apps work?

The App clips are loaded in seconds and allow users to complete specific activities , such as paying for parking using Login with Apple and Apple Pay. They can be discovered and accessed by scanning Apple’s new ” app clip codes ” or by using NFC and QR codes. They can also be launched from Safari, Maps and Messages.

Which apps will they be available for?

The availability of an App Clip for a given application will depend on its developers . The idea of ​​previewing the features of the next software update months before the official launch is to give developers time to develop what they need to take advantage of the new features.

Android has a similar function called ” Slices “, which shows interactive parts of an app in places like Google search results and Google Assistant, so we can also imagine such integration with Apple’s Clips and Spotlight API.

What do you think of this new feature?

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