Apple wants to turn the iPhone into an identification document | Patent

Since the launch of the Wallet app and Apple Pay, Apple has slowly tried to free the world from the physical wallet and all the objects we carry inside. Now, the company wants to turn the iPhone into an identification document.

Apple wants the iPhone to be the only thing we carry with us when we go out and, after the implementation of Apple Pay to make payments and CarKey to replace it with the car key, the company wants to use it as an identification document .

In a  series of patent applications , all entitled ” Provision of verified user identity certificates “, the company showcases all the technologies thanks to which a user a user can use their iPhone as an identity card, driving license and / or passport.

“A device should implement a system to verify identity. The verification is carried out by the authorities that have access to a server containing such data, thanks to which they can determine the authenticity of an identification document, reads in the patent. “

Patent applications filed could concern much more than just a driving license and passport. Apple could also use the technology to scan virtually any ID card, allowing users to securely store all documents on their Apple devices.

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