Nikkei confirms the lack of all the accessories in the iPhone 12 package

The Asian site confirms the rumors that Apple will eliminate the EarPods and the charging adapter from the packaging of the new iPhone models arriving in the autumn.

his morning, Nikkei published  a new report on the upcoming iPhone 12 line , confirming much of the rumors that we have already read in the previous days.

Nikkei says that the iPhone 12 will consist of four new models and each will be equipped with an OLED display . This will be the first time that all Apple’s flagship phones have used OLED technology that offers real blacks and better contrast ; for example, the cheaper iPhone 11 models use LCD displays. The Asian site also confirms what has previously been reported on the lack of accessories in the iPhone packaging.

Kuo’s report last month, which claimed that Apple would remove the EarPods and the charging adapter from the iPhone 12 package, sparked much controversy. Nikkei says Apple is not bundling these accessories to save on production costs and is motivated by the fact that most iPhone users already have a rich collection of chargers and headphones.

As for the display, the iPhone 12 line will present new screen sizes as part of the new device design. The iPhone 12 will be available in a new 5.4-inch version , in two du 6.1-inch variants and in a new 6.7-inch version . The industrial design of the device will be very similar to that of the iPad Pro , with flat edges.

The 5.4-inch models and one of the 6.1-inch models will be positioned as low-end devices, while the 6.1 ″ and 6.7 ″ “Pro” variants will have many more features, including the  LiDAR scanner . Many expect high-end models to also feature a 120Hz ProMotion display.

Finally, Nikkei says that Apple will mainly rely on Samsung for the supply of OLED panels for iPhone. The giant from Cupertino has tried to add BOE to the supply chain, to increase competition between its suppliers, but the company has yet to comply with Apple’s strict quality controls. Although BOE will not be part of the iPhone 12 launch, it is possible that it will be added to the supply chain after a few months.

Apple is expected to officially announce the iPhone 12 series at a virtual event in September. Many analysts have reported delays in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, delays are now expected to be a maximum of a month or two, which means that all iPhone 12 models will be launched before November.

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