Apple launches a new online booking service for in-store purchases

The company now allows customers to book one-on-one appointments with specialists to make purchases in the Apple Stores.

Apple has continued to close its retail stores in areas where the Coronavirus pandemic is growing again, but many stores around the world have reopened to the public. In an effort to better manage customer traffic at a time when social removal measures need to be applied, the company has launched a new program for those wishing to visit their local Apple Store.

The Apple Stores now accepting appointments from customers who wish to make a purchase with the help of an Apple specialist, similar to reservations in the Genius Bar.

As reported for the first time by 9to5Mac, Apple has made available a new booking system called ” Shopping with Specialist “. It is a new one-to-one service that will allow potential customers to meet with an Apple Store specialist, view the products and, finally, buy something if they wish.

To book an appointment, we open the Apple Store app and go to the specific page of a specific Store.

The continued spread of Corona virus has led Apple to implement security measures that include limiting the number of people inside a store that can lead to long lines. With the new dating system, those who plan ahead can avoid long waits outside the Apple Store.

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