Apple is accused of discrimination against Russian developers

According to a new report, a Russian lawmaker accused Apple of discriminating against Russian developers.

Earlier this month, a Russian lawmaker tabled a bill that would force Apple to reduce the App Store commission to 20%. Furthermore, the Russian antitrust is also investigating the App Store for alleged anti-competitive behavior.

Anton Gorelkin, a Russian lawmaker and member of the United Russia political party,  accused Apple of being discriminatory against Russian developers. Gorelkin asked the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service to investigate the Russian developers’ apparent claims that the Cupertino company is actively trying to make it harder for them to become developers.

According to the lawmaker, Apple’s algorithm and process for applying to become a developer are designed to require Russians to use a ” black market ” to get an account. Anton states that the company’s registration process requires billing information, but that the format in which Russian banks provide such information is not accepted by Apple. 

Furthermore, it claims that the iPhone maker accepts popular payment methods for American or Chinese developers, but not for Russians.

Indeed, Apple is pursuing a discriminatory policy based on developer citizenship for a number of countries, including Russia ”.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service which is conducting the multiple investigations into Apple and will review Mr. Gorelkin’s claims, but claims that contrary to what the lawmaker claims, it has not received any complaints from the developers.

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