iPhone 12 Pro with LiDAR scanner: new evidence comes from a case maker

An accessories manufacturer shared some pictures of the iPhone 12 range of camera protectors, with the pair targeting the “Pro” models including extra slots for the LiDAR scanner.

Accessories maker Shenzhen Rainbow shared a series of product images in development for future Apple products.


Among the products, there are some items intended for use with iPhone 12, including screen protectors and rear camera bump.

The image of the camera shock protectors shows four versions . The pair of protections intended for non-Pro models indicates that the arrangement of the cameras on the new iPhone model  will be identical to that seen on the iPhone 11 .

On Pro models, the small microphone hole has been replaced with another larger circular gap , roughly the same size as the one used for the flash at the top of the camera bump. 

We don’t know what this extra hole is for, but it’s likely that the case maker believes Apple will include the LiDAR sensor on the back

The screen protector gives no real clues as to what to expect from the front of the iPhone 12, as it is simply a sheet of glass that covers the entire area. 

The manufacturer also shared an image of a case for a 10.8-inch iPad , which could potentially be for the iPad Air 4 . The case pictured in the photo includes four speaker slots, although this setup is typically only offered in Pro models.

Accessory manufacturers tend to use leaked patterns and monitor rumors to create accessories in time for a new product launch, but there is no guarantee that they will fit or work with new models.

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