Redesigned Apple Watch and iPhone with 120Hz display only in 2021

Through a new research note to analysts, Kuo said we’ll have to wait until next year to see a redesign of the Apple Watch design and an iPhone with a 120Hz display.

In addition to this year’s Apple product details , analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also revealed the company’s future plans.

As for the Apple Watch, the analyst analyst says that a “significant change in form factor design” could come as early as the second half of next year.

Kuo explains that the Apple Watch Series 6 will have a similar design to Series 4 and 5 and the “highlight” of this year’s update will be the addition of blood oxygen detection

In the note released yesterday, Kuo reported that no iPhone 12 model will have a 120Hz display  due to battery life issues, but he expects the entire iPhone 2021 line to adopt the technology.

According to the analyst, the iPhone 13 (or whatever its name is) will adopt LTPO technology to reduce the display’s power consumption and this will allow Apple to enable the 120Hz feature next year.

Apple first adopted LTPO technology – or low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display – in the Apple Watch Series 4, so it would make sense to extend the power-saving feature to next year’s iPhone range.

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