“Solo Loop strap may stretch over time,” Apple updates size guide

According to Apple, the new silicone rubber Solo Loop could “increase in length over time”.

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6  and Apple Watch SE along with 46 new bands, including two unreleased models called  Solo Loop.

The peculiarity of these two new models of straps is that they are not adjustable and we will have to measure our wrist before proceeding with the purchase of one of the two bands. To do this, Apple created a PDF with specific guidelines to print to verify the most suitable size for our wrist.

Today,  Apple updated the support document to point out that the new silicone rubber Solo Loop for the Apple Watch may increase in length over time.

Apple has also updated its PDF size guide with more specific instructions.  The guide now advises users to wrap the measuring tool tightly around their wrist where they would normally wear the watch and to make sure the tool is snug and does not slide up or down.

If the arrows on the sizing tool end up indicating a line between two numbers, Apple recommends choosing the smaller of the two numbers . The guide has been updated with some pictures to help customers.

Apple’s warning that the Solo Loop may increase in length overtime does not apply to the Braided Solo Loop made with polyester thread.ADVERTISING

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