Steve-Wozniak-Kari-ByronApple cofounder Steve “Woz” Wozniak is reportedly working to launch his very own reality TV show.

As reported by Gizmodo, Woz is teaming up with Kari Byron of Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters” fame to create an upcoming reality show called “The Woz.”

Byron, in fact, has tweeted at least a couple of hints about her partnership with the charismatic tech pioneer. The show is said to have been pitched to Discovery Channel, with its air date yet to be determined.

The show, according to the press release obtained by Gizmodo, “introduces the audience to facilities where science fiction is quickly becoming reality,” with Woz going hands-on with some futuristic gadgets. Essentially, it’s a reality show about the future of technology, or perhaps more aptly, the technology of the future.

Apart from his upcoming stint on TV, Woz is also set to make an appearance on the big screen, albeit in dramatized and fictionalized form in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic written by Aaron Sorkin. Rumor has it that he’s going to be portrayed in the movie by the “Superbad” comedian Seth Ro

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