Apple has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that outlines a weightlifting tracker that could pair with a wearable device, such as an iWatch to transmit live data to users on their progress.

For instance, the patent descries a sensor that could be attached to weightlifting bars or other gym equipment that could track your receptions, measure frequency, form and more using the built in accelerometers and other processors. That sensor could then link to your iWatch to show you your results in real-time.

A body bar sensing system for sensing movement of a body bar may be provided. The body bar sensing system may include a housing having a coupling mechanism operative to couple to the body bar, a detector disposed within the housing and operative to sense movement of the body bar when the housing is coupled to the body bar, and a processor operative to determine a number of repetitions of the movement based on the sensed movement. The body bar sensing system may also include a display operative to display the determined number of repetitions of the movement to a user.

The patent also describes a situation where the wearable device, such as the iWatch, would be able to store multiple repetitions of a workout, so a user could review their data and breakdown their workout. The sensor would also have its own display, and some variation of it would help lock weights in without adding additional weight to the equipment.

As with most patents, we can’t be sure if we will ever see something like this being released from Apple. However, it is clear that Apple is getting serious about health.


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