Apple’s security precautions at the Flint Center have reached unprecedented levels, according to a new report from Cult of Mac.

The entire auditorium has been wired with a brand new, state-of-the-art security system in an attempt to lock down access and prevent product leaks.

The auditorium is crawling with 24-hour security personnel. Anyone working at the massive show, from caterers to construction staff and technicians, is required to submit their phones to Apple’s security team. The phones’ cameras are being covered in special tamper-proof tape, which changes color if removal is attempted.

“If it changes color, we’ll be fired on the spot,” said one person who is working at the show but asked to remain anonymous.

Apple security is also going through the phones of those working the event to make sure there are no unauthorized photos or messages that could communicate event details to the outside world.

“We were told that we should erase anything embarrassing from our phones because security will be going through them with a fine-tooth comb,” the person said.

Security is usually tight at Apple event; however, with the company expected to debut a new wearable device tomorrow, it is doing everything it can to make sure that the first time customers see the device is when it’s revealed on stage.

Despite being at a much larger venue, Apple is constructing a massive three story building onsite. It’s use isn’t clear; however, it’s speculated that the structure will serve as a product demonstration area following the keynote.

To build the structure, Apple flew in a team on specialized contractors for the United Kingdom, said the source. The crew has been working on the exterior for days but they’ve been kept from having contact with anyone else working at the show.

Workers are not allowed to wander around and everyone working the show has assigned roles and area they can be in.

“There are no communications in or out,” the staffer said. “Everyone thinks Apple is tapping our phones and monitoring what we say. Everyone is super-paranoid.”

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