Did you know that syncing your iPad isn’t the only way to copy photos from your iPad to your PC? It’s easy to sync your photos through iTunes, but it doesn’t give you quite the same amount of control as manually copying the photos to your PC. And don’t worry, even though it may sound hard to copy photos from your iPad to your PC, it is actually quite easy.

How to Copy Photos From Your iPad Or iPhone to Your PC Using Windows

1. As above, you will need to plug your iPad into your PC using the 30-pin cable or lightening cabe provided with your iPad or iPhone

2. Next, open the folder labeled “Computer” or “My Computer” on your desktop. This will give you access to devices plugged into your computer.
3. Your iPad should be listed under Portable Devices. Double click on your iPad’s name and then double click on Internal Storage to view the contents.
4. Photos are buried within the Internal Storage, so you will first need to navigate through the DCIM folder. Depending on the version of iOS you are using, you may see a folder called 100APPLE or a folder with a lot of letters and numbers like “860OKMZO” or “965YOKDJ”. These are the folders that contain your photos.
5. Now that you’ve located the photos, you can copy them to your system by dragging them and dropping them onto the folder where you want to store them or right click on the photo, choose copy and then right click to paste it where you want.

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