Twitter officially launches its service Advertising for applications. From today, any developer can use the second most popular social network in the world to advertise their application and to stimulate downloads

According to Twitter, to advertise their app on the social network works, because it is possible to achieve a given target people according to three criteria:


  • The position
  • The Hashtag
  • The device

For example, if Spotify would like to advertise your application could launch an advertising campaign based on hashtags. Envi In case the banner to download the application would be displayed only to users who have used a particular hashtag as the name of an artist, album and so on.

The Twitter Advertising service was launched at the international level although at the moment among the countries not yet covered Italy. To start your own campaign just visit the site and follow the instructions.

The banner ads to promote the applications will be shown only within the official Twitter application for iOS and Android.

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