Analyst Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities recently returned from a trip to Taiwan and claims to have new details about the iWatch, reports BusinessInsider.

Blair’s sources tell him that the iWatch will have a round face.

Many people were expecting it to have a rectangular face, but Blair’s sources tell him it’s going to be round, like a normal watch.

Blair says the iWatch will go into production around July/August. There will be “models” of the iWatch. (Probably one for women, one for men.)

Orders are said to be higher than expected. He forecasts 18-21 iWatches for the second half of 2014, up from his prior estimate of 15-20 million.

Notably, Motorola has announced its own circular smartwatch called the Motorola Moto360. Blair says the iWatch will have a similar look but will have a “slimmer profile.”


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