A new technology has been developed by StoreDot which lets charge your cellphone in under a minute . Yes the technology that everyone wanted for, has finally been made into reality, even though it may take some time to see it in market atleast someone has come up with stuff which really does the job . There are number of companies researching already ,but none of them has showed any positive results so far .

StoreDot is a Israeli based company mainly focussed in Bio-Technology products like Nanodots based Batteries, Imaging Censors and medicines .

The demo of the project was shown in the Think Next symposium that took place in Tel Aviv , the main funding to this is being provided by Samsung .

So they’ve developed a technology that proved ” fastest charging ” of a smartphone but don’t get too excited , the CEO of the company has said this will take another 1 year to reach the final prototype .

Bringing into the market and making them available for consumers will take another two years so it would take roughly three years to see this in everyone’s home .

Watch Video Demo Here :

What do you think of this technology ? The fastest charger in the world would be by StoreDot .

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