Confirmation from Apple arrives, iPad can no longer be used as a home hub

Is it a marketing move by the company to push HomePod and Apple TV sales? Apple has confirmed that the iPad will no longer be able to be used as a home hub after the launch of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura and HomePod 16. As… Read More

IPadOS 16 Stage Manager: Apple explains why it is exclusive to the iPad M1

There are those who have badly digested the news of the exclusive nature of the iPadOS 16 Stage Manager, available only for iPads with the M1 chip. Apple intervenes and explains the reason for this choice. Few doubt, Stage Manager is probably the best novelty of iPadOS 16, a… Read More

New iPad Pro by the end of the year, 14 ″ models in 2023 | Rumor

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reveals Apple’s plans for upcoming iPad Pro models. Last week, analyst Ross Young reported that Apple is working on a new  14-inch iPad Pro with  ProMotion technology and mini-LEDs to be released in 2023. These statements suggest the company may decide not to release a new iPad Pro later this year,… Read More

Apple presents iOS 16: a new lock screen, shared library on iCloud and much more

With iOS 16 we can customize the lock screen, add family photos to the iCloud shared photo library, cancel the sending of messages just sent and much more. Apple premiered iOS 16, with the biggest lock screen update ever and new smart sharing and communication features… Read More

Apple releases iOS 15.5: the final release for everyone very soon

New firmware, is the latest version that concludes the beta cycle for iOS 15.5 before the final release for everyone Apple just released iOS 15.5 RC. The Release Candidate is nothing more than the definitive version of the firmware, however, reserved for developers and beta testers. When… Read More

Will the iPad Air 5 that will be presented tomorrow be equipped with the M1 processor, the same as the iPad Pro?

These are news that make you stare and leave you in disbelief but, apparently, tomorrow a “cheap” iPad Air will be presented that will have all the extreme power contained in an iPad Pro! A few hours separate us from the next Apple event and last-minute rumors… Read More

Apple will update the AirTag with security measures to avoid unwanted tracking

Many small tricks coming both within iOS and in the AirTag firmware: security measures that will avoid improper use of the device Apple has just published a new press release through which it notifies users of some changes and updates related to the AirTag to prevent the… Read More

New Apple products filed in the Eurasian database, are they the new iPhone SE and iPad Air?

The company led by Tim Cook has filed new iPhone and iPad models in the Eurasian database. What’s new coming in spring? The Eurasian Economic Commission database has been a common source of Apple leaks in recent years, with the company legally obliged to report incoming products using… Read More

Apple releases iOS 15.0.2 for all iPhone and iPad users

The desire to solve the many bugs is felt and Apple has already released a new update for all iPhone and iPad users Somewhat surprisingly, Apple just released iOS 15.0.2 for everyone. This new firmware solves the various bugs in the operating system and is therefore… Read More

Apple releases iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 for everyone: Here is the complete list of the many new features!

Finally, the new firmware has been released that activates many welcome features such as unlocking via Apple Watch and support for AirTag as well as many other things. You can download it from here, along with the list of all the news Finally after an exhausting… Read More

A really well done and very interesting iOS 15 Concept

The first references to iOS 15 have been found in the WebKit code. This does not tell us anything about the new functions but the concept that we show you in this article imagines many and all very interesting. We are all waiting for the release… Read More

Apple releases iOS 14.4.2, iPadOS 14.4.2 and watchOS 7.3.3 for all users [UPDATED]

New firmware version including security enhancements. Apple recommends that all users upgrade. A completely unexpected release that will be aimed at solving some fairly urgent security problem. Apple just released iOS 14.4.2 and iPadOS 14.4.2 for all users. In the list of news, Apple only writes that… Read More

The iPad Pro 2021 may have fewer holes in the speakers

According to a well-known case manufacturer, Apple’s new iPad Pro 2021 will have the same design as the previous ones but with a small different detail. The AirPods 3, on the other hand, will have a case similar to that of the Pro Accessory manufacturers are… Read More

Apple releases iOS 14.4.1 for all iPhone and iPad users

Surprisingly, and one month after the last update, Apple releases a new firmware version to be installed on iPhone and iPad that contains the latest security patches pple just released iOS 14.4.1 for all iPhone and iPad users. No news in particular within this firmware… Read More

Apple will release the first iPad and MacBook models with OLED displays in 2022 [Rumor]

A new report reveals Apple’s plans to adopt OLED displays on larger devices. According to a new report from DigiTimes , Apple will release the first iPad and MacBook models with OLED displays in 2022. According to the report, the first of these devices to adopt an… Read More