Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 will be the biggest smartphone launch of the year and with the phone’s expected release now just about two months away, leaks and rumors are in full swing. We have seen a number of dummy iPhone 6 units that are reportedly based on leaked schematics, but they all lack the refinement Apple’s hardware will undoubtedly have.

Now, however, a stunning new render of Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 gives us a different perspective.

A pair of high-definition videos created by graphic designer Sahanan Yogarasa and published by YouTube user ConceptsiPhone show Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 6 like you have never seen it before. The design work by Yogarasa is beyond impressive, giving us dozens of different angles and even showing how light will reflect off of the sapphire screen and polished metal.

iphone-6-concept-4 iphone-6-concept-5

It’s worth noting that the renders get a few things wrong, if earlier leaks are to be believed.

First of all, the plastic strips said to cover the antennas on the back of the new iPhone are not rendered in the same shape as they are in the leaked iPhone 6 schematics. In fact, the iPhone 6 might not have plastic strips at all; a recent report suggests these lines actually mark off the areas where the iPhone 6 will have glass panels similar to the ones on the back of the iPhone 5s.

Beyond the antenna sections, the sapphire display cover on Yogarasa does not feature curved edges, as it’s expected to on the actual iPhone 6. Also, there almost certainly won’t be a red version of the iPhone 6, so Yogarasa got a bit carried away there.

A few stills from Yogarasa’s design follow below along with both videos.

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