If you needed any further proof about just how powerful our smartphones are becoming then you need look no further than a recent ad put together by car manufacturer Bentley. Per The Loop, this gorgeous ad was shot entirely on an iPhone 5s and put together using an iPad Air, which just goes to show how these small devices can theoretically allow anyone to make a professional looking commercial, provided they have the proper equipment and the talent.

The film crew attached the iPhone 5s to a special mount that it used to keep its camera steady during moving shots and it appears that they also attached a special lens to the device to improve its image quality. That said, it doesn’t look like there were too many other add-ons, which just goes to show you how remarkable smartphones are — what once could have only been done with a bulky, expensive piece of equipment can now be done with an iPhone 5s and some attachments.

You can watch the full ad, along with a short bit at the end showing how it was filmed on an iPhone, below.


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