The VLC for iOS app–a favorite media player for many–has returned to the App Store in some countries and is expected to be available for all shortly. Some existing US users (us included!) are also reporting on Reddit being able to update to the latest version (2.4.1) if they have the previous version from before it was removed.

The app has something of a chequered history in the App Store, first removed from the store way back in 2011 after a licensing dispute, the original open-source developers claiming that the App Store terms were incompatible with the GNU Public License for the code. The app finally returned in 2013 before disappearing once more last September … 

The lead developer stated shortly before the holidays that the app would be returning “soon,” and Apple subsequently approved a new version of the VideoLAN app. Just to add to the entertainment, that version turned out to have a bug, was pulled and a revised version submitted.

Version 2.4.x, first launched a year ago for various platforms, added streaming from both Dropbox and Google Drive. The latest version is believed to be a minor update, with support for folders.



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